Tuesday, September 30, 2008

American hotel heiress and singer, Paris Hilton, has a brand new show Paris Hilton's My New BFF premiering tonight on MTV. To help celebrate the premiere she has released the full version for her theme song entitled "My BFF". The song has a more pop-rock vibe than most of the songs on her last album. The song still, is very catchy and uptempo. I admit, I really love Paris' music, and this would be a great single for her! Enjoy it!!

Paris Hilton ~ "My BFF": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

With her last album ''The Declaration'' failing terribly on the charts, Ashanti still isn't done with her comeback this year. In November she is releasing a compilation called ''The Vault'' with new b-sides and old unreleased tracks. Here is a new song off this album called "All That I Need". The track is a slow r&b / soul track, with very little life too it. I really loved ''The Declaration'', and I think she is really wasting her time with this. Enjoy it, though!

Ashanti ~ "All That I Need": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

British imported girl group Girls Aloud, is set to release their brand new album sometime later this year or early next year, and are beginning with their newest single "The Promise". "The Promise" is a nice, uptempo power-pop song with a bit of an oldies influence to it. The video fits the song very nicely, and the girls all look beautiful in their 1950's dress style. Girls Aloud still is yet to make an impact for the United States, but with the right promotion these girls might actually make it here! Enjoy!

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These next couple of months, some very big music videos are set to premiere! And before they premiere, lots of important information has been released. Some videos and some details simultaneously announced include T.I. and Rihanna filming their video for "Livin' Your Life" the first week of October. Also it has been confirmed by Melody Thornton of The Pussycat Dolls, that the group will be filming a video already for their third single "I Hate This Part". The video is supposed to be very dirty and set in the desert. PCD will also be premiering the video for their second single "Whatcha Think About That" sometime soon aswell. Britney Spears is currently filming her video for her single "Womanizer" as I type this and the video will be featuring her will black hair! In addition, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry will be premiering the videos for there singles "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" and "Hot N' Cold" very soon! And lastly, it has been confirmed that Madonna will NOT be shooting a video for her 3rd single, "Miles Away"! We can be expecting most these videos to premiere from the end of this month to early November!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey there music lover! This is CharoogAjram, you webmaster of M&M ~ Music Mania. As you can tell updates for this blog have been kinda slow this past week, and I deeply apologize for it. I would just like to remind you that I don't post any albums on the blog, so if your expecting ''Doll Domination'' or ''The Paper Trail'' to be posted her, you are better off with another blog. Also, I don't post rock music, and it seems like a lot of it has been leaking lately. But don't think were gone, we have will updates for you as soon as some stuff leaks! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This last month, the world has been going absolutely crazy for Christina Aguilera, all in spite of her new compilation album, ''Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits'' out in November. The album will include 9 old hit singles [some remixed] and 2 new songs include her current single, "Keeps Gettin' Better"! With the news of the track listing, Christina also revealed the cover for her album. It's definitely different, and some people are saying she looks like a tranny, but I think that this is FRICKEN HOT! It's also very futuristic, just like her VMA's performance. Can't waint 'till this hits the stores! Enjoy it!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Destiny's Child alum Michelle Williams, has been really big in the music industry this year with her single "We Break the Dawn". And with her album, ''Unexpected'' dropping hopefully next month, Michelle has dropped the video for her second single "We Break the Dawn, Part 2" with Flo Rida. The song is just with added rap verses, and with a quicker beat, and is the same as the original really. The video, is quite similar as well, but is a bit more fun and dance-able. Let's see if this becomes a hit! Enjoy!!!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pop / r&b / rock singer Pink best known for speaking her mind and not caring what anyone thinks, is set to release her newest album ''Funhouse'' on October 24! With the date drawing nearer and nearer, Pink has decided to unveil the cover for her very special album. The cover is very wild, just like her, and very fun, which is what life is all about right? The album will contain the hit single "So What" and 10 more new songs! Enjoy it!

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This year Leona Lewis, has been a huge sensation around the world, and it seems like this girl will not be stopping anytime soon! She is about to release her 4th single "Forgive Me" in the UK, and it is already gaining some popularity. The song is a great upbeat, oldies track produced by Akon. Here we have the video, and it is just fantastic. It is very fun and bouncy, like the song, and something we really have been waiting to see by Leona. The re-release of ''Spirit'' containing this song, should be out later this year! Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

As you can tell, this week in updates have been pretty slow. So I've decided to give all of you fellow readers of this blog a little special something! After playing around in PhotoShop yesterday for several hours, I have made some album and single covers. Feel free to use any of these in your iTunes, etc. If you redistribute them, please be sure to credit me, CharoogAjram. Enjoy them!

The Pussycat Dolls ~ ''Doll Domination'' [ALBUM]

Monica ~ "Still Standing" [SINGLE]

Madonna ~ "Give it 2 Me" [SINGLE]

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Later on this year, rapper Ludacris will be releasing his album, ''Theater of the Mind''. His first single "What Them Girls Like" with Chris Brown. The song is slowly gaining some success and is a great hip-hop song for the clubs. The video has a great atmosphere and is very fun and television-friendly unlike some of his past videos, lol. I really wish him the best with this single! Enjoy it!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last Sunday, Kanye West closed the VMA's performing his new single ''Love Lockdown", off his new album ''808's & Heartbreak'', has been the buzz this whole week! This track is a mid tempo synth-pop / hip-hop song, which is just alright for me. Everyone is just falling in love with this song, but I'm not really feeling it at the moment. Maybe I will grow to love it, because I know this will be a huge hit this fall. Enjoy it!!

Kanye West ~ "Love Lockdown": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you read this post, you would have known that it has been a wildly fun year for Natasha Bedingfield. Her album ''Pocketful of Sunshine'' has been doing quite well, and she has now decided to release her 4th single "Angel". "Angel" is a superb pop / r&b song, and one of my favorites this year. The video, could have been a bit better though, and has nothing to really do with such a powerful song. I still hope this becomes a real huge phenomenon. Enjooooy!

PS: Sorry for the crappy audio quality.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

British pop singer, Natasha Bedingfield, 26, is ready to walk down the aisle! Reports are saying she just got engaged to her boyfriend Matthew Robinson. "It just happened," she told People Magazine on the red carpet at a Calvin Klein 40th anniversary party. "But I am so excited. It happened in New York. And I want to share it with the world." Bedingfield didn't have too many more details to share. "We haven't thought about a date," she said. "We're just celebrating."

It's been a whirlwind week in New York for the singer. Bedingfield performed at the Fashion Rocks event and recently teamed with Mariah Carey and Beyonce on the song "Just Stand Up," which they benefits breast cancer foundations. How coincidental is this. I just bought her album, ''Pocketful of Sunshine'' yesterday. LMAO! I wish her and her future hubby all the best!

With her newest album ''Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits'' dropping in 2 short months, Christina Aguilera is officially starting her comeback. Last night she performed 2 fabulous songs at the VMA's, her first ever hit "Genie in a Bottle" and her newest single "Keeps Gettin' Better". The performance with similar to stuff done by Lady GaGa, but she still rocked it! Whatever Christina ever does, she always rocks it! Enjoy the performance!

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At last night's VMA's many singers made a huge surprise and joined fellow artists with their songs. One of those included a just spectacular medley of songs performed by Lil' Wayne, Leona Lewis, and T-Pain. The intro was Leona singing a very old song called "Misunderstood" but she added her flair to it. Then all of the sudden Weezy's beat began in the background and before you know it it was a mega mix of all his greatest including "A Milli". Eventually T-Pain joined him and made this whole thing even better. Definitely check out this history-making performance! Enjoy!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008


Danity Kane → 50% (85 votes)
Cassie → 24% (41 votes)
Other → 11% (18 votes)
Day26 → 5% (9 votes)
Donnie Klang → 5% (9 votes)
Diddy → 5% (8 votes)

This poll was a bit a disappointment from other polls in the past reaching only 170 votes! You guys selected Danity Kane as your esteemed favorite artist or group of Bad Boy Records. Second was Cassie who got 44 less votes then the girls. And it seems nobody is liking Bab Boy founder Diddy much these days, as he only got 8 votes! Be sure to vote in next months poll, which will be up shortly!

Friday, September 5, 2008

This year has been completely crazy for pop singer Christina Aguilera. After giving birth to her first baby, performing at the VMA's this Sunday, and still keeping herself cool, she has been recording some new music for her upcoming album. Here we have her first single from her fourth studio album out next year and from her greatest hits collection out in November called ''Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits''. The song is an ok, upbeat pop song that lacks a bit of spark. She actually sonds a bit like Pink in the song. But probably with the correct promotion it will be a hit. Enjoy!!

Christina Aguilera ~ "Keeps Gettin' Better": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Hit maker producer and occasional rapper Timbaland is vowing to return to music this year while working on albums for both himself and other artists. With ''Shock Value II'' due next year, here are 2 brand new tracks from him. They are called "Back Together" and "Talk" featuring T-Pain. "Back Together" is an amazing, uptempo r&b song, which will do great as a single. "Talk" on the other hand, has a nice beat, the rest of the song really fails to deliver. You can hear more Timbaland in Keri Hilson's new album out next month. Enjoy these!

Timbaland ~ "Back Together": D/L #1 | D/L #2

Timbaland featuring T-Pain ~ "Talk": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

With the 25th annual VMA's this Sunday it is about time that all of the performers were finally announced. This year is going to be huge, and with many, many surprises. The show will end with a performance by Kanye West who swore last year he would never return again. Also set to sing are T.I. and Rihanna together with their song "Livin' Your Life". Christina Aguilera will then make her long-awaited comeback with her 1999 single "Genie in a Bottle" as well as her brand new single. Plus, expect a performances by Pink and by Katy Perry who will be singing Madonna's hit "Like a Virgin". This show is going to be huge! Oh, and did we mention Britney Spears is going to open the show? She will be a singing her new song "Underground". Check out the clip of her rehearsing below. You can watch all this craziness Sunday at 9 P.M. on MTV!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

With a very strong comeback expected this year, Brandy has started off smoothly with her first single "Right Here (Departed)". The track is an amazing upbeat r&b song, and of the biggest of the year! The video, is great just like the song, and I think she did an amazing job with the video. I especially love when she goes by the crying woman. Brandy seems to be really empowering right now, and Alicia Keys is gonna have some competition! Enjoy the video!!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

This week, soul-pop singer Robin Thicke speaks in the new issue of Billboard Magazine about many things, like his upcoming album, and why he wasn't allowed to be on the cover of Vibe Magazine. He said in another interview with Vibe, he asked why he couldn't get the cover. Their response: they don’t have white artists on the cover; that the only white artist they’ve had on the cover was Eminem. Thicke replied with, "I guess if that’s what it is, it is what it is. And I respect that because I live in a house with a black woman."

Thicke didn't make it a big issue, but now fans and many others are lashing out to Vibe Magazine calling them "rasict" among many other things. As a subscriber of this magazine, I'm starting to have some second thoughts. Robin issued a final statement saying "You can’t always expect people to be as color-blind or open-minded as you want. What you can do is keep giving your heart and soul". His album, ''Something Else'' will be in stores later this year!