Saturday, October 18, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: With Great Sadness...

...I bring the news that this is the last post here on M&M ~ Music Mania. I know since its opening last December that this blog has become pretty popular, but with all the drama surrounding it, I'm done with this place. These last couple of weeks every time I was posting music it was getting deleted within hours, and I think it is a waste of my time, thanks to all of you jealous bastards.

But! I am not leaving without bringing in some good news! I am leaving M&M, but I am also opening up a brand new, better blog! My new blog will be called La Place de Musique, and it will be launched in a couple of days. So ta ta for now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometime later this year Brandy will be releasing her much anticipated album ''Human''. Her first single "Right Here" is becoming an instant classic, and it seems she will be releasing her second single "Long Distance" very shortly. "Long Distance" is a nice soul / r&b track, which also has a great meaning to it. The song is very empowering, and I think it will do great on the soul charts! Enjoy!

Brandy ~ "Long Distance": D/L #1 | D/L #2 {link unavailable}

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Even though his album ''Graffiti'' should be coming out early next year, Chris Brown is still releasing singles from ''Exclusive''. Here we have his hopefully last single, "Super Human" with Keri Hilson. The song is a great r&b track, that gives me the chills every time I listen to it. The video for the song is kinda sad, but Chris and Keri look really good together! I don't think this will chart well, but it is still one of a hell of a song! Enjoy the video!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

These past years Foxy Brown has gone through a lot including a feud with Lil' Kim, losing her hearing, and going to jail. Her mixtape ''Brooklyn's Don Diva'' was released back in May, and this Christmas she plans on releasing her first full-length album after 7 years. Here we have her possible first single "Riker's Island" a mediocre hip-hop / reggae song, which sounds a bit like Lil' Kim's "Caribbean Connection" which leaked earlier this summer. I don't know how I feel about this, but we'll see. Enjoy this though!!

Foxy Brown ~ "Riker's Island": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Tomorrow the legendary Beyonce will be making history releasing to very different single, the ballad "If I Were a Boy" and her upbeat pop / r&b song "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)". "Single Ladies" is very catchy, though a bit of a grower. The video just like for "If I Were a Boy", was shot in black and white and just features Beyonce and 2 girls dancing some hardcore moves in a gymnast outfit. This song is actually better than "If I Were a Boy" and this will do much better in my opinion. Enjoy it!!

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Pop / electronic newcomer, Lady GaGa has been a sensation this past summer with her hit "Just Dance" featuring Colby O'Donis and Akon. She has now moved to her second single "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" off her album, ''The Fame''. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" is a dance / electro track, which is still kinda growing onto me. The video for the song is a bit like the video for "Just Dance", and I must say features a lot of money in it! Overall, I still think she will get a another hit out of this. Enjoy!!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Next week r&b / pop singer Beyonce will be releasing two new singles "Single Ladies" & "If I Was a Boy" off her forthcoming album ''I Am...''. "If I Were a Boy" is a pop / soul ballad, with some very strong lyrics, but still a bit dull. The video for the track is very raw, and even though B doesn't sing in the song, it still has a great message to it. The song has grown onto me a bit from the video, but compared to Britney Spears' new music, Beyonce has no chance. Enjoy this though!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

This December Britney Spears will be dropping her newest album ''Circus''. Her first single "Womanizer" has began an instant classic from the couple of weeks it has been in release. If you don't already know know "Womanizer" is an uptempo pop track with a hell of a catchy course. The video, is that, and so much more! She is naked throughout mos of the video looking just gorgeous, and I really love the storyline following the song. This is easily going to be this year's top video! Enjoy it!!

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After a 3 year-long hiatus, hip-hop / pop group, The Black Eyed Peas are finally aiming for their comeback! This week the group which includes members like Willi.iAm and Fergie, finished recording their fifth album ''The E.N.D.'' in London! But don't worry, they are not breaking up! ''The E.N.D.'' stands for ''The Energy Never Dies''. The group is currently deciding about joining back with A&M Records, which is pressuring the album release very quickly. Hopefully, some songs start leaking in the near future!

Source: Perez Hilton

In Europe, The Pussycat Dolls will be releasing their song "I Hate This Part" as their second single while the rest of the world gets "Whatcha Think About That" from their second album ''Doll Domination''. "I Hate This Part" is a beautiful, pop ballad song, with very powerful and strong lyrics to it. The video, excels the song in so many ways. It was shot in the desert, and has a very grunge feel to it. All of the Dolls are looking just fabulous, and this has to be their best video ever! Enjoy this piece of history!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

After a long anticipated return, the r&b princess, Ciara is finally back! Her first official single "Go Girl" off her album ''Fantasy Ride'', is finally slowly gaining some popularity. CiCi has now released the video now for the song featuring T-Pain. The song itself, is a electro / r&b song, and a quick grower. The video, is a bit like Lil' Mama's "Shawty Get Loose", but it is still very funky and cool. Lately, a lot of Ciara's leaked material have been pretty crappy, but this track may just be changing my mind. Enjoy this!!

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Hey there music fanatic! It is the one and only, CharoogAjram here with a special announcement. As you probably have noticed, many, and I mean many posts have been getting deleted off this blog. So I don't want everyone thinking that I'm doing this for no reason. Actually, Blogger and artists' record labels are the ones doing this. Britney Spears' newest song "Womanizer" was deleted off this blog for no apparent reason. Akon's newest track "I'm So Paid", which was just posted yesterday is now gone as well. To sum it up, posts that aren't here anymore were not deleted by me. I just wanted to clear up some confusion. Hope everyone has a great week!

Rapper Kanye West first premiered his newest single "Lock Lockdown" back at this year's VMA's. Since it's release, it has become a pretty popular track! The song itself, it an mid tempo pop / r&b song, which is isn't very appealing to me. The video, is very creative, and will be making a lot of headlines! It was all shot on a white background and near the end of the song all these vibrant colors come into the mix. His album ''808's & Heartbreak'' will be out later this fall! Enjoy!

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The Pussycat Dolls just released their sophomore album, ''Doll Domination'' 2 weeks ago. Led off by the successful single "When I Grow Up", the girls are now making way for their newest single "Whatcha Think About That" featuring Missy Elliot. The album version of the song is a great, catchy pop song. The video uses a remix, which is a bit annoying. The video like the remix, is kinda bad, and has nothing special to it. The Dolls had way better potential with this track, and they will most probably moving to their third single in a matter of weeks. Enjoy this though!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Britney Spears → 40% (85 votes)

Christina Aguilera → 19% (41 votes)
Rihanna → 18% (38 votes)
Pink → 10% (21 votes)
T.I. → 7% (16 votes)
Katy Perry → 3% (7 votes)
Kanye West → 3% (7 votes)

Totaling 215 votes, you voters selected Britney Spears to be you favorite performer from this year's VMA's. Funny as it is, Britney didn't perform and when the poll was created it was just a rumor. Christina Aguilera and Rihanna follow slowly behind her. And most of you voted right. "Keeps Gettin' Better" was a great performance! Be sure to vote in the next poll and spread the word on this blog!!

Former Disney star Hilary Duff, has established herself as a true pop singer these past years. After hit albums like ''Dignity'', Hilary is planning on releasing a new compilation album called ''The Best of Hilary Duff'' in November. The album will be containing her old hit singles and 2 new tracks including this song, "Reach Out". The song is a great addictive, electropop song with a bit of a rock feel to it. This should be a solid single if released soon! Enjoy!!

Hilary Duff ~ "Reach Out": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Friday, October 3, 2008

This past decade soul singer Brandy has been on the high road to stardom. After a four year hiatus, Brandy is back with her new album ''Human'' coming out sometime next month. Her first single "Right Here (Departed)" is gaining a lot of popularity around the country and she should have a #1 pretty soon! Brandy has now unveiled the official album cover for ''Human''. The cover is pretty simple, but she is just beautiful here, making this cover just perfect! Be sure to look out for this cover in the stores! Enjoy it!!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Making the Band's pop girl group, Danity Kane has been in the spotlight this last month with many rumors swirling about the 5 music making girls. And now the biggest news to drop, is the most shocking. Sources are claiming that right before a Baby Phat Fashion Show, Diddy held an exclusive meeting with the girls. The meeting was then turned into a screaming match when Aubrey O'Day went about about member Dawn Richard branching off into a solo record. After more drama Diddy told Aubrey that she was out of the group. He then went off on D. Woods saying that he heard she was unhappy as well, and that she was out also! It has been mentioned that this footage may be appearing on the Making the Band 4.3 finale this Tuesday on MTV! Hope it's not true!

EDIT: It appears that the group's debut album, ''Danity Kane'' has been removed off of iTunes. Maybe this is a hint?

Source: Young, Black & Fabulous!

Earlier this spring, r&b king Usher released his album ''Here I Stand'' to a mediocre response. His first 2 singles did okay, but not the best. Still not giving up, Usher is releasing his 3rd single "Trading Places". The song is a midtempo r&b / pop song, with some very erotic lyrics. The video is dirty as well, but a bit different from all his usual stuff. It seems Usher is once again beginning to be the same guy he was 4 years, and maybe he can even bounce back with this single! Enjoy!!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This summer Katy Perry has risen to stardom with her #1 single, "I Kissed a Girl". With a very successful first single, Katy is trying to live up to her name with her 2nd single "Hot N' Cold" off her album ''One of the Boys''. The song is a great uptempo pop / rock song, and is growing on me quite fast. The video, like everything about Katy, is just hilarious! The way the ''wedding'' of hers is set up, the way she runs after that guy, etc. This girl is truly something else! Enjoy!!

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