Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rapper Yung Berg is set to drop his first official album, ''Look What You Made Me'' on August 12th. After the very successful singles ''Sexy Can I" with Ray J, "Sexy Lady", among many others, Berg is about to move onto his 4th single off the album. Here is a newly leaked track, and potential single, "Get Your Number" featuring R&B singer Amerie. The rapping parts are not that appealing, but Amerie's vocals are just fabulous in this track. This uptempo hip-hop song can easily be another hit for them! Enjoy!

PS: Sorry for the annoying tag during the track.

Yung Berg featuring Amerie ~ "Get Your Number": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Southern rapper Nelly has a lot in store for him this summer. He is going to release his album ''Brass Knuckles'' in September, he's been invited to dozens of Atlanta parties, and now, he has been named the official spokes model of Diddy's Sean John underwear line. The photo shoot was done in Los Angeles, and has all the media buzzing! Only one picture has been released so far, with more expected as we reach closer to the fall season.

Diddy said on Monday, "I have known Nelly for many years and I really admire his work. To me, Nelly is the quintessential definition of the Sean John man. He has the attitude, the swagger, and most of all the physique that our customers can both aspire and relate to. And let’s be honest, all of the ladies out there are going to be thanking us for this campaign. The images are so strong; they speak for themselves. We are truly excited to welcome Nelly into the Sean John family." I can't wait to see what else is gonna come out of this. All credit goes to Concrete Loop.

R&B princess, Ciara, has been hard at work preparing for her forthcoming album, ''Fantasy Ride''. She has recently changed her first single "High Price", to another undecided track, and I think we might just have it here. This newly leaked song is called "Walk On Out" and it has an addictive, crunk beat, but the lyrics just come up a bit too short. Ciara has a been a favorite of mine for the past 2 years, but this new material is just nothing to compare to her ''The Evolution'' days. I really hope she comes back and wows us soon. Enjoy!

Ciara ~ "Walk On Out": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad Boy Records artsit Cassie, is getting ready to finally release her second album, ''Connecticut Fever'' early this fall. She finally got around to releasing her first single "Official Girl", and now the track has finally leaked! It is not as good as expected, and It think it will fail on the charts. The song is a mellow pop track with a good beat, and I like Lil' Wayne's rap verse, but the song is just a bit to boring for me. Hopefully she will be able to save herself soon! Enjoy this, I guess.

Cassie featuring Lil' Wayne ~ "Official Girl": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Jeremy Greene is an upcoming producer / singer who was on Lindsay Lohan's family's E! television show. He had leaked out some demos and finally he has his first official single "Rain". This song just leaked and I really liked it so I decided to post it here, and help promote the guy. The track is a great upbeat hip-hop / pop track, and even though it doesn't suit his voice well, it's still an amazing song! With very good promotion, Jeremy will be at the top of the charts!

Jeremy Greene ~ "Rain": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Danity Kane's single "Damaged" off the album ''Welcome to the Dollhouse" recently went platinum in Canada. The Making the Band alum want to do it all over again internationally with their second single "Bad Girl" featuring Missy Elliot. The song is a great uptempo pop track, and the video is just fire! The video has a great comic book style storyline, coincidentally just days after the release of the movie Batman: The Dark Knight. I hope these girls get another hit from this, because this track will really take them far. Enjoy it!!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey fellow reader of M&M ~ Music Mania. I just wanted to quickly take the time and say M&M ~ Music Mania will be going on a short hiatus until Monday, July 28th. That's only about 4 days. I will be taking a vacation over the weekend to Las Vegas, as everyone needs the time off. In those days I know many things will leak and premiere like the upcoming Danity Kane video, but be rest assured we will have a mega-update on Tuesday. In the meanwhile please visit some of our amazing affiliates for you daily music needs. Thank you for your cooperation!


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pharrell Williams is about to become a father. The lead singer of the rock / hip-hop group N.E.R.D. and the Neptunes producer has a baby on the way with a model he met with his friends in Miami earlier this year. The New York Post is reporting the identified mommy as "very pregnant and travels with him. She hangs out with the backstage crew when he performs." Pharrell has supposedly been very quiet about the pregnancy and will not release any details.

I personally never thought Pharrell would be daddy. I mean he is just to feminine and if he has a son, oh god help that boy! Lol, but in the end I wish him and his secret girlfriend the best! Hopefully more information will be emerging soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Recently pop superstar Rihanna re-released her hit album ''Good Girl Gone Bad'', with 3 more new tracks! Here is her 6th single off the whole album, "Disturbia". The song is a synth-pop track, which has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Here is the video for the track, and all I can say is it's fire!! The whole disturbing theme and the great dance moves! It is something totally different from RiRi, and it should easily be the biggest video of the year! The only bad thing, her new blonde hair. Get rid of it now girl! LMFAO, enjoy this!!

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Most recently Britney Spears has been trying to get her life back in shape, but now her family is forcing her to get back into the recording studio and start work on her new album. But just because she is back recording, it doesn't mean she's happy about it! Britney is supposedly very pissed at her parents, and she is expressing some anger toward them in some of her new songs.

She is singing very openly about her beef with her mom, and she is not hiding anything. The diss track is called "ATM" and insiders are reporting it contains the following lyrics: "Hey Mama, I know it's my cash you seek... You know they treat me like an ATM, but y'all know that I'm too good for 'em."

Also, she is supposedly working on a song about her ex, Justin Timberlake. In the track called "Already Bad" she hints that JT wasn't her first love or the person she, you know, lost it to. Here are some it's lyrics: "I know you thought you were the first, but I had already quenched my thirst, I was already bad."

Her new album is expected to drop right in time for the holidays, sometime in mid-December. Sources also tell us the songs will be very uptempo and similar to her previous album ''Blackout''. I hope these tracks leak soon, and I hope her all the best of luck with his new project and her drama filled life.

Friday, July 18, 2008

VIDEO PREMIERE: Nelly featuring Akon & Ashanti ~ "Body On Me"

Very shortly Nelly will be releasing his long-anticipated album, ''Brass Knuckles''. After 3 failed potential singles, Nelly is still hard at work for his fans trying the best he can. His latest release is a collaboration with Akon and Ashanti called "Body on Me". The song is also on Ashanti's album ''The Declaration'', but she sings more there, and she has totally different lyrics on Nelly's version. This song is still the same perfect summer hip-hop joint. I am really loving this video they put out for it. The whole Las Vegas casino / nightlife theme is just bomb, and all 3 of them are looking bomb here. I hope this gives them all another #1 single! Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Robin Thicke has been in the studio these last couple months recording his new album which he wants out by the fall. His lead "Magic" has really failed to impact radio, and I don't think it'll be a big hit for him. The song is kinda boring, and the beat seems like something we've heard before, like something Kanye West would use. The video is pretty cool, and I like his whole space / futuristic vibe. But in the end, he needs a new single right now! Enjoy this?!

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Caribbean songstress Kat Deluna, rose to fame last summer with her hit "Whine Up". Then, her album, ''9 Lives'' and her second single "Run the Show" both failed horribly. Now, she is planning on re-releasing the album this fall with new songs and collaborations. Here is her new single "Calling You" which will be on the re-release. The song is an upbeat, dance hall track, but also kinda annoying. I personally don't like it, but the response about it this morning has been crazy! People are saying it will be a #1, but I don't think so. Enjoy!

Kat Deluna ~ "Calling You": D/L #1 | D/L #2 {Link unavailable}

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last month, r&b singer Ashanti released her 4th album, ''The Declaration''. Her first single "The Way That I Love U" was not the hit it deserved to be. Ashanti is now going to release the song "Good Good" as her 2nd single off the album. The song is a mellow, yet upbeat pop track. I don't really like it, but the video is something else. She kinda looks like Beyonce here, but in a good way. It's really cutesy and even though kinda childish, it fits her very well. This definitely won't be a hit, but you never know what people are listening to these days! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alicia Keys' album ''As I Am'' became a worldwide sensation with her hit singles "No One", "Like You'll Never See Me Again", among many others. For her fourth single Alicia is releasing the power-ballad, "Superwoman" about the every day woman, and how how powerful she can be. The song is great, and this video is aswell. This video has a true meaning to it, and I think it will be very empowering to every woman out there in this world. The song I don't think will be a hit, but it's good to here something like this every once in a while. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Best known for being featured on hits for Timbaland and Rich Boy, Keri Hilson, has recently embarked on her own career in the music industry. After a long-anticipated wait, her first single "Energy" was released last month. The song is a uptempo, r&b love track, that took some time to grow on me but now is one of my favorite songs. The video, is very powerful, and somethinga lot of women I think will look up too. It also shows Keri's ''boxer'' side, lol! I hope this becomes the hit it deserves to be and I wish her a lot of luck! Enjoy the video!!

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Lady GaGa has recently become a major phenomenon with her latest hit, "Just Dance" featuring Akon and Colby O'Donis. The song is an upbeat, dance-pop track similar to Madonna's style. She performed the song all by herself last night ant the Miss Universe beauty competition. The performance was great, and I love her dance moves and her over all style. The video is kinda long because it features the top 15 contestants along with Lady GaGa. I cannot wait see how far she is gonna go! Enjoy!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Other → 24% (52 votes)
  • Britney Spears (6 votes)
  • Nicole Scherzinger (3 votes)
  • Ludacris (2 votes)
  • Lil' Wayne (2 votes)
Rihanna → 22% (48 votes)
Chris Brown → 19% (41 votes)
Mariah Carey → 17% (37 votes)
Beyonce → 11% (24 votes)
T.I. → 5% (11 votes)
Nelly 2% → (5 votes)

This poll was kind of a disappointment. It achieved about a little more than half the votes from last month's poll. In the end the ''Other'' category ended up winning with the top votes going to Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, Ludacris and Lil' Wayne. Rihanna technically came in first, and poor Nelly only got 2% of the votes. A new will be up very shortly. Be sure to continue supporting this blog, and please vote in the next poll! Thanks!

Friday, July 11, 2008

This summer rapper LL Cool J will be releasing his last album with Def Jam ''Exit 13''. LL has already released a couple buzz singles off the album but he finally released his first mainstream single "Baby", an uptempo hip hop track with r&b vocalist, featuring The-Dream. The song is just amazing, and the video is just as great, if not even better! I really like the club scenes and I love the blue lights flashing behind LL Cool J. This should easily become another hit for them. Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now that J.Lo is busy mothering four-month-old twins and getting her pre-babies body back, the bride of Marc Anthony has shut down her Pasadena, CA restaurant Madre’s, reports. The Latin restaurant had been open for more than 6 years, an as of July 1st, it held a sign saying it would be closed until further notice.

Madre’s was not just a Latin eatery where the chef whipped up yummy empanadas, but a kitchen where a whole lot of scandal was also cooking. During the opening of the restaurant in 2002, Jennifer was still married to backup dancer Cris Judd, and was ''meeting with'' future ex-fiance, Ben Affleck. J.Lo and Ben were spotted chatting over ceviche at the restaurant, and a mere two months later, J.Lo and Cris were rumored to be splitting.

No wonder she is saying “hasta la vista” to this drama den. But who knows? Maybe she's just planning to convert the place into an Italian joint. After all, she wouldn't even have to change the name. LMFAO. We wish you all the best with you new family Jenny!

Back in April, pop girl group Girlicious, was assembled on the TV show The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious. Now, the girls are preparing to release an album later this month. Here is a new Timbaland-produced track called "Leftovers". I really love the foreign beat, and the song really features all the girls vocals. I also like the Cher-added effects in some of parts of the song. Since their last 2 singles didn't do as well as planned, I'm hoping this can be their new single. Enjoy!!

EDIT: It has been confirmed that the song is actually sung by Nikki Flores, not Girlicious. But who cares, the song still rocks! Enjoy!

Girlicious ~ "Leftovers": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Michelle Williams, the former member of the mega-selling r&b group, Destiny's Child has recently been in the recording studio recording her upcoming album ''Unexpected''. Her first single "We Break the Dawn" has become very successful on the dance and r&b charts. Here is a new track from her called "The Greatest". The song is a nice soul-pop song, and I think it may even become a potential single. We hope her all the best! Enjoy the song!!

Michelle Williams ~ "The Greatest": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today has been very stressful for me. We went through like 3 different layouts (in testing mode, of course), and now finally, almost 7 hours later, M&M ~ Music Mania has a brand new layout! Its very simple, but more professional, and I love the red. So please leave some feedback and be sure to spread the word about my two blogs, this, M&M ~ Music Mania and Riskay Reality. Thanks!

Reagge / pop / r&b duo Brick & Lace rose to fame last year with theri hit singles "Love Is Wicked" and "Never Never". They are set to release an album very soon, and here is an new track set to appear on the album. The song is called "Bad to Di Bone" and it is very upbeat and very different from their other singles. It also has a lot of hip hop influence which is new to the girls. The song reminds me a bit of Nicole Scherzinger's song "Puakenikeni" which they are featured in. Enjoy the song!

Brick & Lace ~ "Bad to Di Bone": D/L #1 {link unavailable} | D/L #2

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Oops! This past weekend Diddy was almost left out of the party he was hosting in the Hamptons. The reason, because the club was already packed with over 1,000 people ready to get freaky with the rapper! “They were blocking Diddy’s grand entrance,” said a spy who was lurking outside the Hamptons nightclub. “He and his entourage arrived with a three-car fleet of SUVs and were forced to turn around. He couldn’t even make it close to the front door.”

But never fear! The rapper eventually let go of his grand entrance and snuck in through the back (How gangsta can he get?). Once inside the club, the music was turned off for 15 minutes while the VIP section was cleared for His Royal Diddyness. Only the best for our American royalty! :)

Bisexual TV star, Tila Tequila, has most recently been rising up in the music industry with her singles "Paralyze" and "Stripper Friends". She is set to release an album very soon, and here is an newly leaked track from her called "Hideaway". I love the beat of the song, but the rest of it to me is just whatever. In the end the song is ok, and I have heard much better from her. Hopefully, she will update her MySpace with more music soon! Enjoy it!

Tila Tequila ~ "Hideaway": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Friday, July 4, 2008

M&M ~ Music Mania would like to wish you guys the best 4th of July weekend ever! Stay safe, and have a great time!

BTW, if you're not American, 4th of July is a celebration in the USA which is when we won independence from Britain & if you don't know who that is in the picture, it's Kelly Rowland. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a great weekend for Winehouse wackiness. Amy performed at both Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebration and at another United Kingdom music festival, and thankfully she was up to her regular insanity! During the music festival Amy got physical with a fan in the audience, flailing wildly and whacking the guy before a few beefy security dudes stepped in (Video below). Unfazed, Amy then improvised some lines in her song “Some Unholy War”, adding in “I’m not opening for a c*nt like Kanye.”

Kanye then took to his blog to tell the world that he doesn’t give a sh*t what Amy Winehouse thinks of him. Do these two thrive off of the drama or what? If Blake Fielder-Civil (Amy's husband) gets locked up for good they should seriously think about getting together. It’d be the hottest mess ever! Hope this all gets settled soon!

Mariah Carey's last single, "Bye Bye", was supposed to be her 19th #1 single. Instead the song flopped, and MC quickly released her newest single "I'll Be Lovin You Long Time" off the album ''E=MC²''. The song is a great uptempo, pop summer song featuring the rapper, T.I. The video, IMO, is Mariah's best in a very long time. The Hawaii-theme is nice, all of the gold, all the water and palm trees. The story line is nice too, making the perfect music video for the summer. I really hope she can get back into the picture with this single! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 weeks ago, Lil' Wayne made music history by selling 1 million copies of his album, ''Tha Carter III". This album produced many singles including "Lollipop", "Got Money", and the ever popular, "A Milli". "A Milli" is beat known for it's beat, which a lot of rappers have been using for their own freestyles. Personally, the song is hot, but the video, OMG. I wold have expected a better video for this song, but this video, is just horrible. It was shot on the set of his video "Got Money" featuring T-Pain, during the breaks. I think this is all crap, and Lil' Wayne just screwed him self right here. Enjoy.

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