Monday, September 15, 2008

Pop / r&b / rock singer Pink best known for speaking her mind and not caring what anyone thinks, is set to release her newest album ''Funhouse'' on October 24! With the date drawing nearer and nearer, Pink has decided to unveil the cover for her very special album. The cover is very wild, just like her, and very fun, which is what life is all about right? The album will contain the hit single "So What" and 10 more new songs! Enjoy it!

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Ash said...

Last Chance for Original Music Artists to Participate in Nation's First Web-To- National TV Music Video Contest.

Orange CA January 25, 2009: The unique web to TV talent show, Make a Star, ( announces that its Original Music contest is about to close for submissions to its audition round. Musicians and bands with original music videos must upload their videos to by midnight on January 30 in order to have their efforts eligible for judging to advance to the Hollywood round of the contest.

Submissions on are free, and the new show is causing a sensation because it is the first talent show to offer musicians everywhere an equal chance to win the fame of national TV exposure, a potential record contract, and a $10,000 first prize. The web to TV format means that anyone can upload a video from any computer and have their video equally considered by public voters and a panel of leading music industry judges. Dozens of music videos from unknown artists have already received national TV exposure because they uploaded their videos and won votes.

"Broadband video streaming is now so widely available that broadcasting video uploaded on the web directly in a national cable TV show seemed a natural fusion of the two different TV delivery media" said Dr. Iman Foroutan, inventor of the Makeastar platform. The online video submission system is a patented process whereby thousand of videos can be pitted against each other in a bracketed playoff system. In each round, videos getting the most votes each week advance to the next bracket until the most popular videos emerge to be included in the TV show at the end of the week. The system prevents multiple votes for a single contestant from the same computer, so they get the fairest possible consideration from voters.

The audition round, which closes on January 30, allows musicians anywhere in the US to get their work exposed on, and potentially on TV. The winners of the Audition round will advance to a 4 week face-off (the Hollywood round) from which the final winner of the Original Music contest will emerge on March 5.

"The unique equal chance opportunity of and the Makeastar TV show is that a musician or band can upload a video at the beginning of a week at no cost, and at the end of the week find that same video featured on a national TV show because their work impressed the judges and the public" continued Dr. Foroutan. Unlike other TV talent shows, which require musicians to invest in traveling to distant audition locations, waiting in long lines, and going through an often demeaning audition process, Makestar TV ensure that the public focus is on the work.

"The guiding principle is the excellence of the effort", said Dr. Foroutan. "We feature multiple music genres; it doesn't matter if you are hip-hop, country or rock; nor does the quality of the video production matter that much. Star quality has a way of shining through, and the public has a good eye. We have seen some amazingly talented musicians rise from complete obscurity to national TV exposure over the last 2 months. But now Original music submissions have less than a week to get their music uploaded to to be considered for the final Hollywood round this TV season.

Makeastar TV is the first web-to-TV talent show of its kind. It launched on Fuse TV in November 2008. The 30-minute show is broadcast on Saturdays at 10.30am (EST and PST). The 13 part series concludes in March, when the grand prize winner will be announced. All musicians have to do to enter is shoot a video of themselves (or have a friend do it), and upload it from any computer. "We tell people that, even if you don't have a computer, you can ask for help at your public library or school. We find communities are entering into the swing of things, because everyone wants to help local talent make it onto a national stage" said Dr. Foroutan. Even those without a video camera can participate, because Makestar also offers the opportunity to sing from a web cam directly into site-based software.

"My vision for Makeastar, which got its first provisional patents issued in 2000, has always been that there should be a level playing field for talent. So often, you hear about people being shut out by the system of record labels and agents. The web allows talented people to be judged fairly and equally by the public and allow the best talents to rise," concluded Dr. Foroutan.

About Make a and Make a Star TV provides a free bracketed contest platform that allows artists to upload their work from any internet connection. A $10,000 contest for original music gives bands and solo artists a chance to upload their music videos directly to the site and have the video potentially aired on FUSE, the cable network catering to the serious music fan. is now expanding outside of music and into other skills that can be ported from webcam to website to TV. The latest $1,000 Valentine Love Letter Contest is seeking the ‘Casanova of the Year' who can write and perform the best 60 second spoken word ode to love.

About Fuse TV

Fuse, the only national music television network, brings viewers closer to their favorite artists and bands by featuring original series and specials, exclusive interviews, live concerts and video blocks - all rooted in the music experience. Celebrating the hit makers of today, familiar favorites and edgy newcomers, Fuse accommodates the wide ranging tastes and attitudes of its 18-34 year-old audience with compelling music programming on-air, on-line, on-demand and via mobile technologies.