Monday, September 15, 2008

This year Leona Lewis, has been a huge sensation around the world, and it seems like this girl will not be stopping anytime soon! She is about to release her 4th single "Forgive Me" in the UK, and it is already gaining some popularity. The song is a great upbeat, oldies track produced by Akon. Here we have the video, and it is just fantastic. It is very fun and bouncy, like the song, and something we really have been waiting to see by Leona. The re-release of ''Spirit'' containing this song, should be out later this year! Enjoy!

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EnokuOnisan said...

I love this song! Heard it a while back when I thought she was going to release it as her US single, but never heard anything. Glad to see she made a great video for it! Thanks for sharing!

DAN said...

is the video supposed to be a piss take off different videos?

can't hold us down
lady marmalade
...some diana ross video
jessica simpson - boy i think...

dunno just seems a little recycled.