Sunday, September 21, 2008

This last month, the world has been going absolutely crazy for Christina Aguilera, all in spite of her new compilation album, ''Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits'' out in November. The album will include 9 old hit singles [some remixed] and 2 new songs include her current single, "Keeps Gettin' Better"! With the news of the track listing, Christina also revealed the cover for her album. It's definitely different, and some people are saying she looks like a tranny, but I think that this is FRICKEN HOT! It's also very futuristic, just like her VMA's performance. Can't waint 'till this hits the stores! Enjoy it!!

{What is your opinion? Leave some thoughts!}


Cameron1981 said...

Ok I absolutely love everything about Christina Aguilera. I can't believe some people saying she looks like a tranny. She looks gorgeous. She could turn me str8 any day of the week lol. Christina Aguilera is my DIVA of choice. I can't wait for her new greatest hits cd and her brand new full album next year.
BTW the cd is supposed to have 12 songs with 3 songs (Genie in a Bottle, Beautiful, & Lady Marmalade) re-recorded, and two new songs.