Monday, June 23, 2008

MTV reality star, Heidi Montag, has been trying to start a career in music this last year, and it has been the least of being succesful. Her first song "Body Language" was great, but she began to fail after her dissapointing singles "Higher" and "Dramatic" were released. She is once again trying again with her newest single "Fashion". The song is a good uptempo, pop-dance track, and I think this will actually be really big! The lyrics are really addictive and I love the part when she sings in French. Let's wish this becomes the hit it deserves to be! Enjoy it!

Heidi Montag ~ "Fashion": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Anonymous said...

Hey, great song!!

Can you please put the lyrics for us?? I'd love to sing that part she sings in French! It's so adictive! lol!


Rose said...

Waw her French is not good lol

she said !
"J'adore ???? (something like) habillez moi, ... ( and the rest are just Fashion name : Gucci Prada Vuitton ...)