Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mariah Carey: Mrs. Nick Cannon!

Rumors have been spreading lately about a supposed engagement to actor Nick Cannon, but I guess Mariah Carey just went straight for the wedding! The pair wed in a secret ceremony on Wednesday, Latina Magazine is reporting. A source close to Cannon slipped out the news this afternoon. The nuptials are said to have taken place at her new mansion she purchased in the Bahamas. Carey's close friend, rapper Da Brat, was one of a few people to attend the quickie wedding.

The New York Post is now also reporting that Mariah Carey has married Nick Cannon. "They have been smitten with each other for days, weeks," the singer's friend said. "And she's always had a crush on him." Unfortunately for her, the paper is reporting that Carey didn't make Cannon sign a prenuptial agreement. "There was no pre-nup, there wasn't time," says a worried source.

I love MC so much, and I can see these 2 getting divorced very soon. Everyone knows she is not good at keeping relationships, and this was really rushed. I mean she barley even knows Nick, and getting quickly married on a Wednesday afternoon, is really hinting this will be a failed marriage. And them not even signing a pre-nup?? He is only in it for her money. We will keep posted as more on this eloping emerges.