Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mary J. Blige ~ Stay Down (Video Premiere)

Mary J. Blige's latest release, ''Growing Pains'' has been her most successful release in her lifetime, but her 2nd single choice is really disapointing me. Her 2nd single, "Stay Down" is a very smooth soul track, that is not very appeling at all. The video is very intersting, and it is clearly all green-screen effects. But, even thought the song may be boring, it has a really nice meaning to it. Hopefully, she releases "Work That" featuring Busta Ryhmes, as the next single. Enjoy!!

{What is your opinion? Leave some thoughts!}


Nancy said...

I LOVE this song, but the extensive use of the green-screen makes it kinda cheesy. =( I love the lyrics!

antoine said...

to be honest if you are a truth mary j blige fan u would know dat da greenscreen does not take away at all. this video is mary giving u mary. its like being at a concert this is raw emotion. by her not having all the extra stuff it makes u pay attention more 2 da words. mary is da best she knows what exactly what shes doing