Whats Up With The Shutdowns? + Mariah Update!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today has been a really tragic day in the world of Music blogging. Today 2 great blogs were shut down. Kevipod Music & Ali's Blog, two of the world's most popular blogs were closed by Blogger today. You must ask why? All because of the latest single from Mariah Carey entitled "Touch My Body". So here is what I have learned. The blogs posted the song up (along with many other lesser known blogs) and after record labels saw this on these sites they immediately contacted Blogger and their blogs were shut down. I downloaded the song from an outer source, and after a couple plays I really am starting to like it! Also it was announced that Mariah's new album will be called ''E=MC²''. I think it is something very different, and I can wait to hear it in April!

So, I don't know if I will still be updating this blog for the rest of this week. I might be back up tomorrow, or this weekend by the latest. You can also visit my newest blog, The Sims Stratosphere, a news blog about the latest Sims 2 stuff & news. Also, Kevipod Music re-opened with a new url. You can visit him here! In his post he also includes a download link for "Touch My Body". I wish everyone who lost their blogs the best these couple of days...