The 50th Grammy Awards!

Monday, February 11, 2008

In case you hadn't watched or even known about the 50th annual Grammy wards, here is a mega-post about it all! This year rocked! The performances were great! And the winners really deserved it! Amy Winehouse made a special appearance,a dn she also won many, many awards! Click here to view a list of all the big winners!

Now, its time for all the great performances! Here are most of the performances...

Fergie & John Legend ~ "Finally"

Alicia Keys & John Mayer ~ "No One"

Kanye West ~ "Hey Mama"

Beyonce & Tina Turner ~ "Into"

Beyonce & Tina Turner ~ "Proud Mary"

Amy Winhouse ~ "You Know I'm No Good / Rehab"

Rihanna ~ "Umbrella / Don't Stop The Music"


ria said...

Thanks for all the vids!