Making the Band Update + New Songs!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow, not just new stuff from Danity Kane today, but also new things from the untitled band from Making the Band 4! All we need left is Donnie Klang's new music and the whole crew will be set! Also another quick reminder the new season of Making the Band will premiere Monday, January 28 on MTV at 10 pm Pacific Time.

First up is the girls, Danity Kane. Just a week after putting up the poll to vote for their new single the new single of the girls has been chosen! It is the track "Damaged", as we all know and loved. The final edit features Diddy's voice near the end. Its no big deal so I'm not gonna post the new version, just re-post the old version. I'm happy they chose it over "Pretty Boy". Also, their new album called ''Welcome to the Dollhouse'', will be dropping on March 18. In addition, the girls are featured on this month's issue of KING Magazine and their song new song "2 of You" will be featured on the soundtrack for Step Up 2.

Next is the guys turn! The group still doesn't have a name, but their new tracks are pretty good! 2 of their songs leaked called "Got Me Going" and "Together". "Got Me Going" is rumored to be their first single! Their album is supposed to be released a week before DK's on March 11th! That's good news for Diddy and Bad Boy Records! Lol.