Monday, June 9, 2008

Today, is reporting that that is huge affair happening on the set of Mariah Carey and T.I.'s music video for her track "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time" off the album ''E=MC²''. According to members of the crew, the entire set is gossiping about a secret hookup between MC and the rapper.

The video is currently being shot on location is Hawaii and a memeber of the crew supposedly said the pair snuck off the set and were gone for 2 hours! They supposedly held up production and returned back the 2 were giggling and smiling at each other. The insider also said there was a lot of chemistry between them, and it was very ovbious.

Both Mariah and T.I. (Real name: Clifford Harris) are in relationship. Mariah recently wed actor Nick Cannon and he is engaged to singer Tameka Cottle. I personally hope they are not doing anything becuase it would be very sad for Nick and Tameka. Let's all pray Mariah will not be lovin' T.I. long time! :)