Friday, June 13, 2008

After 6 years of waiting for the case to go to trial, and so many twists and turns in the case, R. Kelly was found not guilty today for recording him having sex with an underage 14 year-old girl. If he was charged he could of spent 4 years in jail and be registered as a sex offender in Illinois.

Charges began way back in '02, but the trial finally started last month after many delays and continued on for 4 weeks. Helping the jurors in their decision was a mole on his back that prosecutors claimed was proof that Kelly was indeed the man in the video who participated in the three-way with another woman and the minor in various sex acts. The alleged victim, now 23, did not testify against Kelly and neither did her parents.

R. Kelly will be returning to the music scene later this year and she has already started out with his first single "Hair Braider". It has been off to a rocky start, but hopefully his next singles can be better. I wish him all the best, and I hope he never does something stupid like this again.