Monday, May 5, 2008

Mariah Carey ~ "Bye Bye" (Video Premiere)

Mariah Carey has most recently made a glorious comeback with her album ''E=MC²''. Her first hit single "Touch My Body" became an instant success. The same is expected to happen with her latest single "Bye Bye". The song is a very beautiful song and has a great meaning to it. The video is really nicely put together too. It features some live appearances with fans and even what seems like home video with new husband Nick Cannon. This will so be her 19th number 1! Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow she looks hot in teh white shirt segment and in the Vibe Shoot! Nice video...Def one of her best!

Anonymous said...

mariah mariah mariah..... theres'sz alot about you not only otha people you to i know everythin on you is fake so just tell everyone even your number 1 fans ii mean ur LAMBZ lmfao wtf.?