Monday, May 12, 2008

Cherish ~ "I Ain't Trippin'" (New Song)

Tomorrow girl group Cherish, releases their sophomore album entitled ''The Truth'', and with their hit single "Killa" and the song "Amnesia" I think it can be a huge success! Here is a brand new bonus track from it called "I Ain't Trippin'" which surprisingly didn't leak with the retail version. This song is just amazing, and though it may come to be a bit repetitive, it is hella good! This would of perfectly madea perfect third single! Enjoy the track!

*EDIT: Turns out the song is on the album, lol. The source I got this information from turned out to be false. Enjoy the song!

Cherish ~ "I Ain't Trippin'": D/L #1 | D/L #2

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Anonymous said...

This track is on the album. And it leaked with the album as well. It's track number 2.

Anonymous said...

aww see da 5 bliind brah jawns. tryna look so real.

Anonymous said...

ii mean 4

Anonymous said...

lol damn ii'm not miistaken, ii'm a liil' high and thought i was lookii'n @ 5 liil' waynesz;