Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After months and months of competition, American Idol has come to an end (well for this season). Tonight the show was down to the two Daivds, Archuleta and Cook. And after the anticipated finale, we finally have someone to replace Jordin Sparks!

With 12 million more votes, the winner selected tonight was David Cook. In the beginning, I never cared for him, but as it got closer and closer to the end, I saw a true winner in my eyes. David will do fantastically well, and I think his album will be a big success. David Archuleta was good too, but he was a bit babyish for me, and I could not see him with a good career.

Well congrats to both of 'em, they both deserved it! If everything goes smoothly we can expect hearing some music from him later in the Fall.


Anonymous said...

This pictue makes him look gay