Heidi Montag featuring Britney Spears ~ Dramatic (New Song)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Excuse me while I laugh. HAHAHA! This song is so fricken hilarious! Heidi 'Doushebag' Montag thinks she can actually sing!! This song is better be a joke, or else her and Spencer Pratt are tone-deaf. This is the last duet I would ever imagine, Heidi, a reality TV star, and Britney, a multi-million dollar singer, collaborating. So this is how this came together. Heidi got her scrawny little hands on one of Brit's old demos. She i guess wanted to cover it, but was to lazy to re-record her own vocals. So Spencer played around with it, and after a lot of tweaking he supposedly made a duet. But the funny thing is, Britney didn't even know about them stealing the track (Even though she probably learned about it a couple of hours ago through blogs like this). In the end, this track sucks ass, sounds like like crap. I'm not even gonna say enjoy, because no one will. Courtesy of Crazy World of Music.