Mariah Carey ~ Touch My Body (Video Premiere)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here it is!! Mariah Carey's comeback video!!! I absolutely love this!!! Ya, it is getting criticism and stuff, but I think it is really nice!! It has a very good storyline that goes with the lyrics. The song, as you already know rocks, and has been the reason that many blogs (R.I.P. KeviPod Music) has been deleted. But, it is really nice I think and this video will go very far! "Touch My Body" will be on the album ''E=MC²'', out later this Spring! Enjoy, and be sure to watch before YouTube removes it! lol.


Anonymous said...

haha the video is funny and yet reallllly cheesy...the lyrics are funny and cheesy too..especially the part where she says"and if you tell anyone about this secret rendezvious(sp?), I will hunt you down..rofllll what the hell mariah