Do You Believe In Cher?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

After months, maybe even a year of speculation and rumors, today, legendary performer Cher, announced on Good Morning America she will be making her comeback at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada! She will be the successor to Celine Dion's long run at the hotel! Her last tour, The Farwell Tour ended back in '05, but it seems Cher is coming out of retirement and starting the yet unnamed tour May 6th. The schedule is kinda weird as she will begin in May, and will perform four shows a week for a month, then will return in mid-August for concerts through October. It was also reported the show will include songs from the entire 44-year span of her career, from Sonny & Cher classics to her more recent pop oeuvres. In addition to her vocals, the show will feature elaborate choreography, incorporating 14 dancers and four aerialists, as well as flashy costumes by Cher's designer of choice, Bob Mackie.

I guess this tour can be Cher's greatly anticipated comeback to music! She was reportedly working on a new CD, which will most probably feature more electro-pop songs like featured on ''Living Proof'', out this winter. Also, hip-hop producer Timbaland is also collaborating with Cher for his upcoming album ''Shock Value II''. Maybe she will premiere all of this stuff on the tour?

She also said on GMA she will be supporting Hilary Clinton in the presidential race. If you are dying to see Cher really soon, she will be presenting an award at the 50th Grammy's this Sunday! You can watch the interview below!