K-Fed Producing!?!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now I know what you are thinking about, and no, I'm not talking producing more Spederline heirs, I'm talking bout producing music! Federline, who won custody of his kids last week, has opened up an at home recording studio to produce music for fellow artists. But here's a nice catch. Its to be with his kids. How sweet! I think this just proved Kevin's being genuine and a good parent.

As for rapping Kevin has let go of it. His debut album, ''Playing With Fire'' was released October 31st, 2006 (Exactly a year prior to ex-wife Britney's ''Blackout'') which sold 210,000 copies total making it a major disappoint. He did have one single though, which I hate to admit it, called "Lose Control" which was quite decent and very urban. I hope this producing career goes well, and I hope he takes good care of his kids. Or else, who knows what's next?