Tila Tequila Has Found True Love!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The supposed hip hop singer and MySpace phenomenon, Tila Tequila has chosen the perosn she wants to be with! If you don't already know, Tila is a bisexual and is the first person to ever have a bisexual dating show. The show is called a ''Shot at Love" which airs on MTV every Tuesday. There were 20 lesbians and 20 straight guys on the show all competing for her love. In the end, it was between Dani (a girl) and Bobby (a boy), and she chose Bobby.

I actually wanted a girl named Amanda (who got eliminated last week) to win, but I wish Tila and Bobby all of the best together. Durning the Finale they played one of Tila's songs which was quite nice and which I fell in love in with over the time of like what, 10 hours maybe? The track is called "Paralyze" and it is a very slow pop song which is much better than her skanky "F#ck Ya Man", which was a good laugh though! You can download "Paralyze" right here. As for Season 2 of the show, it will not feature Tila, but some other bisexaul looking for love.