Brintey Spears ~ Piece of Me (Video Premiere)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Britney Spears. So many thoughts come up when hear that name. They are mostly all about her troubled life, but guess what, she can actually sing, pretty good! Her lastest album ''Blackout'' has been doing exeptionally well since it's release on October 30th. Her 2nd single, "Piece of Me" is a club banger with its dance sound. Its video premired Friday at 10:50 on ABC's Primetime. The video is actually quite nice unlike its predessecor's "Gimme More"'s video which was very stupid. Here is the video for "Piece of Me" (with Spanish subtitles, sorry lol)...

You can download the mp3 right here. Enjoy & please credit us if you redistribute it. Thanks for reading! Please inform us if anything doesn't work.